Close the door or all the darkness will leak out – Galleri Box


I taking part in the exhibition “Close the door or all the darkness will leak out” at Galleri Box in Gothenburg.

20/11 – 20/12 2015.

But I know what darkness is, it accumulates, thickens, then suddenly bursts and drowns everything.” – Samuel Beckett.

During the work with Box Open-Call 2015 an interesting purely aesthetic but also thematic interpretation of darkness both as symbol and as concrete matter was discovered. The present title of the exhibition was set and the quote by Samuel Beckett acted as background and base in the planning, acting as well as a starting point for the communication with the invited artists. The participating artists are: Jessica Johannesson, Ingeborg Annie Lindahl, Petra Axelsson and Martin Engberg (in folder and social media).

During the exhibition there will be workshops at Fritidsagenturen (next door to Box) held by art teachers Sara Mårtensson and Micaela Kevic.

The exhibition Close the door or all the darkness will leak out is curated by board members: Gustav Lejelind, Kim Johansson and Sarah Schmidt.

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